A unique company culture, filled with emotion, play-work modern concept that accelerates the individual, team and company performance. 

A memorable corporate culture that perfectly resonates with the team. A culture that makes all Star Team crew gladly come to the office, feeling proud to be part of a great team and bringing its personal contribution in building a successful company.


1)  Team  and members denomination

Class IT Outsourcing team proudly carries the name of “the crew”.

Company departments received new names:


Field Operations – Field System Administrators

Remote Operations – Remote System Administrator (which operates remotely)

Special Engineering – Network, Servers and Security Administration

Distant Field Operations – System Administrators in the country

R & D Science – Software Research and Development

Audit Science – Internal and External IT Audit Department

Special Field Operations – Administrative and Hardware Support

Counselors – Consulting, Business Analysts and IT Outsourced Management

Command – Top Management Team

Each team member belonging to Star Team proudly bears the name of the “Stellar”.


2) Star Team Tunic


 Star Team tunic- front-back

Tunic colors differs by department:

    • Navy-blue – Field Operations, Distant Field Operations
    • Blue – Remote Operations, Special Engineering, Audit Science, Special Field Operations
    • Grey – Reasearch & Development Department
    • Yellow – Counselors
    • Orange-Red  – Command

Dressing Code

  • Dark jeans or trousers
  • Dark leather shoes (brown or black)


3) Star Team Shirts and T-shirts 

Shirt or T- shirt with Star Team and Class IT symbols embroidered on the chest.


4) Badges

Star Team badges

Star Team badge will be worn when shirt or T-shirt don’t have any other associated identity elements.


5) The communicator

In the chest area of every crew member is a wireless headset that allows him to communicate hands-free.

6) The grades

Stellar Junior Lieutenant
Stellar Lieutenant
Stellar Chief Lieutenant
Stellar Commander Lieutenant
Stellar Commander
Stellar Captain


Rules for granting the grades


Clear, simple rules of granting the grades and objective and transparent appraisal of the effort required in order to move to the next level.


  • Number of technical situations resolved
  • Number of maximum note feed-back from customers
  • Number of successfully resolved projects
  • Estimated years of experience within the company

Example: Field Officers

  Tehnical Situations Resolved Clients feed-back Estimated age (years)
Stellar Junior Liutenant 100 25
Stellar Lieutenant 500 100 1
Stellar Chief Lieutenant 1500 300 2
Stellar Commander Liutenant 5000 1000 4+


Additional identity elements

1) Official shot glasses (just at parties and outside the Command Center)

Pahare shot oficiale

Offical drink

Star Team Ale  a secret recipe that combines vodka, blue curacao and lemon juice.

3) Official Mugs (aboard Enterprise)

Offical mugs

4) Logos for promotional materials

Logo for the situation when there are no other Star Team elements

 Star Team Logo

Logo for the situation when there are more Star Team elements on the page

Class IT logo embeding  Star Team concept



Communication elements

1) Specific expression in relation to our clients

“Now we’ll be teleporting ourselves to you.”
“I will be there with light speed”

(work in progress)

2) Expresii specifice in interiorul echipei

Mission = Our continuing mission
Team= Crew
Sign up = Enrol

 (work in progress)

Let’s confidently go where no one has gone before!