Today, 23th october, our collegue Florin (Operations Director) made 7 years in Class IT. A long journey, full of challenges, successfully resolved situations, dozens of projects and beautiful moments. We learned from Florinel to be professionals, to always find solutions for situations and to turn out challenges in opportunities for professional development, as well as personal.

The messages and appreciations received from our collegues represents the best description of Florin’s professional behaviour:

I took one of the best decisions in Class IT 7 years ago. Florin persuaded me from the first interview through his common sense, which made me to tell hm ”you start from tomorrow”!

Florin has evolved with a stellar speed, from a cadet to first officer, being a hyper-professional. He succeded to have a super involvement dozens of sleepless nights caused by stubborn equipment- and customer focused orientation – today, we still have customers who want to talk only with Florin.

Above all, Florin is an example of ethics and integrity, of trust and seriousness, of equilibrium in professional and personal relationships.

I thank Florin for surprising me every day with communication examples and care about his own team.

The simplest and most efficient way in explaining to a cadet what he should do in order to have results at Star Team’s board is to tell him to follow Florin and behave as he does.” Bogdan Tudor, CEO & Founder Class IT

I remember my first team’s meeting with Bogdan and Sysadmins, after 3-4 months from my hiring. Florinel was the only administrator who took a performance bonus, for having the whole activity completed in the portal. He respects very well the procedures, he is sociable and honest. That moment I challenged myself, saying that I can do that. I think it was a very important aspect in my personal development. I compared to the best ones, with him. I also consider that if hasn’t been Florinel, it is possible that I haven’t got where I am now.” Radu I.

A person that I consider my friend as you can hardly find today, a trustful colleague and a leader who knows to offer you exactly what you need in the very moment you need it. This is what Florinel meant from me from 6 years, since I know him. For me, at least, he made my experience inside Class IT more beautiful.” Claudiu P.

He was always very ambitious and committed to the things he professionally did, as well as personally. A memory I have from him is the moment when a server broke to a customer and the retrieval  would have taken a lot of time, affecting the customer’s activity. Then, Florian replaced the broken components with the ones from his own computer and he succeded in finding a solution.” Florin I.

More years ahead in Star Team crew! I learned from Florinel that, if you want, you can do things that seems unrealistic at the beginning.” Ionut M.

To boldly go where no man has gone before”. Catalin G.

7 is the age where the horizons take a new shape, where changes start becoming more and more visible. It is the age when we start exploring unknown worlds, where we learn new lessons from each experience.

It is the moment when Florinel, after 7 years of growing and progress, decided it was time to follow a new way. I stepped into this new experience with Florinel, having the certainty that I will learn from and with him how to be unique, how to be the best. He is the person I want to work with on the Star Team’s board, now that he made the 7 years from “home”. Mihai O.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think to Florian is his commitment; this is clearly what defines him. It is wonderful to have such persons around you, persons that you can always rely on and who treat you with professionalism.” Ramona C.

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