At Class IT, our customers data security and protection are  pursued and respected objectives by all our colleagues, who ensure daily that our customers’ internal or confidential information is accessed only by authorized persons.


This week’s Star Team Academy course addressed an issue that has been discussed in other courses because of its importance and value to clients – their data and IT systems security. The objectives of this course concerned, firstly, the classification and importance of protecting  the customers’ information, the knowledge and correct identification of potential risks (internal or external) and the acquisition of good security practices.


The compliance with security policies implies, for all our colleagues, both the data protection of clients and partners, suppliers and even of Class IT. Thus, to ensure the safety of all these data, there follow clear  control and management politics for mobile devices (phones, tablets), computers and IT equipment, communication channels (website, e-mail) and storage devices (USB or hard drives).


The theoretical part, that has also presented  the potential risks and their analysis in terms of physical, communications or equipment security, was followed by an interactive part for the participants, who made demos on vulnerabilities identifying applications (port scanner, service scanner, vulnerability scanner). At the end, participants had the opportunity to ask questions about specific situations encountered to customers and find answers and solutions provided by other colleagues, from their own experience.


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