The past weekend was a great one for our team. Always in a constant thirst for evolution, Star Team members have chosen to spend their weekend propelling their performance to the maximum level and thus, bringing value to our company. How did they do that? By participating – with great enthusiasm – at the first edition of the “Mastering Your Personal Leadership” training!

 There were three wonderful days that we will never forget, because all the activities left their marks on what we are as people and as professionals. The training offered us the ingredients that we need in order to communicate at a high level and to solve problems in a creative manner. Moreover, we have developed an action -oriented attitude that will certainly allow us to take the initiative with confidence and enthusiasm.

 As for Mr. Doru “Labradoru” Dinu (go to class and you will understand :)), he managed to put us in what we thought it  was a “difficult position ” in networking and communication and … he proved to us that it is actually easy. It actually depends on us to be the best!

A great lesson from which we‘ll be learning our entire life and that will help us deliver many benefits to all the people with whom we come in contact! Thank you, Dale Carnegie Training Romania!