Last week, our stellars work has confirmed, once again, the proactivity and quality of services that Class ITprovides. A good example was provided by our colleague, Cyprian L., who had a full week of productive activities in the companies they manage.


Our colleague checks every morning, before leaving home, his personal mail and customers alerts in order to make sure there is no special situation. This practice has proven its effectiveness when, one morning, he observed that company C.’ equipment  did not respond. Traveling in the shortest time to the client to verify the situation, our colleague found that, due to a power outage during the night, the UPS equipment closed. Thus, our colleague was able to remedy the situation without affecting the client’s business and  he subsequently verified the equipment to be in good condition.


Another stellar work of our colleague is the movement of two servers into a new space to ensure their optimal functioning. Noting that the two servers were placed in an awkward space in the hall and hung in a rack, our colleague immediately began moving them.


Thus, the servers have been moved to a dedicated room with air conditioning, equipment and cables have been much better arranged and the final product was great.

Since such operations can not be carried at all times during the program, our stellars often allocate their leisure hours to solve all the special situations encountered in customers companies.

Congratulations, Lieutenant L. Ciprian for work! With such stellar colleagues, we can go anywhere we want!