In Star Team, the values that we promote within the team and become visible in customer activities do not remain just at a declaratory stage, but they are an important part of our colleagues’ growth and reward process.


The 10 values that support our vision and mission were chosen by our colleagues who expressed their choices based on how they wanted to be perceived by our clients and all those  we interact with : we are hyper-professional, our growth and our results are visible, we work as a team, we have an effective communication and we are super involved, customer driven, we do wow actions and last but not least, we show common sense, ethics and integrity.
With Star Team, all these values were translated into tangible results, rewarded by medals every 3 months, when we meet together to celebrate these achievements:


Admiral’s Gratitude Medal reflects the communication to clients and is awarded based on the number of assessments with the highest mark from solving situations arising from customers.
Peace Keeper Medal rewards those effective / hyper-professionals who keep “peace” in the galaxy. It is awarded based on the number of solutions of proactive alerts generated by monitoring systems.
Rise & Shine Medal signifies the evolution of our colleagues and is offered due to certifications or other actions for professional growth.


Positive Annihilation Medal reflects our customer-oriented specialists who annihilate any inconvenience and is offered based on the number of recommendations made by each colleague.
Effective Mass Fatality Medal is closely correlated with the results of our colleagues who receive this medal depending on how quickly they resolve the customer requests.


Defender of the Star Team Medal stands for the team and is granted based on the number of solutions introduced in the Knowledge Base.


Hero of the Galaxy Medal, as the name reflects it, is awarded to the hero of the galaxy, one that manages to surpass customers expectations and realizes Wow actions for them.
Strike from the Heart Medal reflects the great commitment and is awarded to those who have an extraordinary initiative for the customer’s benefit or ours.


State of Mind and Matter Medal is correlated with the value that any company should have- common sense. This medal is awarded for the active mode in which a Star Team member promotes the company values, but also our organizational culture specific visual and language elements.
Honor is Everything Medal rewards ethics and integrity exhibited by our colleagues and is granted, as State of Mind and Matter Medal for the way in which someone promotes the company’s values and Star Team specific elements.


These medals awards are based on reports and figures that validates a member for a certain medal. For our colleagues, the medals stand both for their effort and results, but also for their progress towards professional growth. Once at a certain stage, certifying experience and results, our colleagues will receive the Excellence or Legendary Trophies.