This summer, students from the  Hyperion Faculty have the chance to do an internship in Class IT  team for 2 months, every day. Since finding an opportunity to practice during the summer can be difficult and the companies’ offer is not so varied in this regard, we intend to take passionate students on board, eager to learn and develop in the IT field. Furthermore, we aim to offer them the chance to stay in our team at the end of the practice, depending on their determination and results.


It all started with a visit  of Alina, our colleague from HR and Dan at Hyperion Faculty, where they spoke to the students of Automation and Information about our practice offer, on the position of a SysAdmin. Our colleagues presented them the company’s culture and our services and talked about the required knowledge for a SysAdmin.


Those interested were immediately put on the list, then had a short interview to get to know them better  and the 12 students selected were taken on board on the Star Team ship, in order to begin the mission. Here, we guided them in a tour of our office and Florinel, Mihai and Adrian  presented in detail every department, what it is dealing with  and talked about how our future colleagues should look like.


During practice, students were taken by our support colleagues who have explained and showed them the specific activities of the day, thus familiarizing them with our applications and helping them in the learning process. Moreover, those who wanted to be on the ground and had extensive skills were able to go along with an admin to customers, actively participating in visits and interventions.



The practice period will end in late August, when will be selected those who will remain in our team. We are sure that the stay in our team will provide them with real development chances and will help them to  better prepare for the future!