Friday, we organized a new stellar event to reward evolution and team performance, offering  medals to those who have obtained excellent results in the first quarter of the year. In the same time, took place the enrollment ceremony for our new colleagues and the advancement in rank of those who met the criteria. It was a special evening , with good humor and laughs , sprinkled with surprises for all colleagues.


The entire crew joined on the 21st floor of InterContinentatal, where Captain started a new stellar event in which the best of us have received medals ​​associated  to our team values as recognition and reward of outstanding results. Next, we attended the enrollment ceremony for cadets who received the specific tunic  and the Star Team badge, enthusiastically awaited moment . Also, advancements in rank of colleagues who had a continuous evolution in their work was received with great joy and enthusiasm.


The event had as guests former colleagues also, who have had ​​a significant contribution to the growth and success of our company and who we want to keep  close, as stellars in reserve.

Another moment of the evening was the wine tasting, when we were initiated into the mysteries of this practice by Vinexpert representative. After we have enjoyed some special wines, our colleagues were able to take home the wine they  liked the most.


Congratulations to all the colleagues who  received  medals for their stellar results in the first quarter of the year and to theose who have advanced in rank!