Conclusions of the first day of teambuilding:

The first exercises were a key element in clotting the teams and knowing each others. Teams were randomly formed, which brought together colleagues from different departments and created a favorable context for them to interact and get to know better. As members of each team had strong and different  personalities, there was a need for an informal leader in these exercises, which took the lead and guided the team to achieve the desired result, after the exposure of all ideas. Informal leader has managed to create a unity of the group and the conditions for  team building and the accomplishment of future tasks.


Friday ‘s Teambuilding activities started  with 2 exercises  suggested by the trainer, whose purpose was to form the teams , to stimulate the  interaction between members and get effective cooperation for the following activities .


In the first exercise,  Animal Sound Motion, teams  were challenged to define their own identity and to assign an animal as a symbol. Subsequently, the team had to carry the animal from the bodies of all 11 members. Communication within teams for choosing an animal assumed a stage of knowledge and listening of all the ideas, in order to define a unique identity and to have a point of reference in making the future activities. The animals chosen were a cheetah, a lion, a dog, a tomcat and a horse. The execution of the task, the achievement of the animals in motion, was very good for all teams , proving that teamwork was an effective one, as  well as the results.


The next exercise, Totem Poles Totem-Truth, involved the creation of a totem for the chosen animal, from limited resources. In this new phase, the teams went to another level and have learned to improve the communication in team and to divide their tasks, in order to agree on a common idea and contribute together to the totem creation.


Our Teambuilding program was developed by Titus Peride and Elias Consulting Group.