DSCN2001Today, the Star Team crew will leave the ship and go to exploit new places, moving with a 10 warp speed towards the great adventure of this winter! The final destination is Sinaia, where we will have the first Teambuilding in the new formula – Star Team.


We will have a weekend full of activities, where we will learn to effectively work in teams and to develop new skills that we can apply afterwards in our daily activities in the office. We will learn to know each other in other circumstances and situations that will challenge us to move beyond the daily limits and deliver better results. All activities proposed by the trainer will be an important component of learning and fostering teamwork and will follow the steps to achieve these goals by forming, welding and fostering cooperation in the team.
All exercises will have a funny component too, which will lead to a greater involvement and will foster peer learning throughout the Teambuilding. Through the received dose of fun, our lieutenants and commanders will load the necessary energy to propel us with full speed towards a successful 2014!
This teambuilding will be marked by a special event, when the cadets will be advanced in rank, becoming stellar junior lieutenants. Also, all those who had exceptional facts and acted according to our values will receive medals and trophies. Another important session will be presenting the results of 2013 and goals for 2014 by each department in the company.
The positive results of this weekend will be reflected throughout all 2014 in our internal team, strengthening team relationships, but also externally through increased care and attention to our customers!


Our Teambuilding program will be developed by Titus Peride and Elias Consulting Group.