Dale Carnegie, the famous American author of books for personal development, developed 30 principles that are internationally recognized and enforced. Applied consistently, these 30 principles help us to strengthen relationships with others, to gain their cooperation and act like a leader in all undertaken activities.

Through the relationships we establish, both professional and personal ones, the way we are perceived and how we relate to others is of major importance. The first 9 principles provides clear and precise guidelines about how we can become a friendly person and how we can strengthen our relationships with others:

  1.  Do not criticize, do not condemn, do not complain.
  2.   Give sincere appreciation.
  3.   Wake up in the other the desire to act.
  4.    Develop a genuine interest to others.
  5.    Smile
  6.    Remember that for every person his name is important.
  7.    Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  8.    Talk in terms of the interest of the other.
  9.     Make the other to feel important. And do it with sincerity.

As many others have said, all these principles are common sense and there is nothing complicated to apply them. However, according to Dale Carnegie himself, ” Common sense is not common practice “.

Some time ago, we talked in an article  about the beautiful experience that  Star Team lived during the course “Mastering Your Personal Leadership” by Dale Carnegie Training Romania, in the first weekend of November.

In this training, we learned all these principles, we have examined the actions in a constructive manner and we identified ways in which we can become much better at what we do and how we can develop personal leadership skills.

Personal leadership is an essential component in building successful professional relationships and establishing lasting personal relationships. Since attending this training has brought to us huge benefits for our development, but also for the teamwork, we want to share this experience with other colleagues, to learn together and to constantly apply the concepts.

We want all our stellar colleagues know, internalize and apply the concepts stated by Dale Carnegie. The results will automatically reflect on our relationships and will help us to improve the teamwork, to be open and oriented towards the others needs, not just ours.

We started with the first 9 concepts that we exposed in the office. We will exhibit the other principles in the coming weeks.