A new bowling event, the last of the season, was dedicated  to our partners from Orange and was as challenging and fun as the previous ones. (IT Directors Bowling Cup, Entrepreneurs Bowling Cup, Star Team Bowling  Cup)


Our guests from Orange teamed with competitive partners, our colleagues from Class IT, with whom they have exceeded their limits and have reached the proposed target. After the first round, when our guests perfected their throws, we remade the teams based on their score.  Those who had close scores made a new team, that challenged them to break as many pins as possible and offer them the chance to walk away with one of the 3 finalists cups.


It was an evening full of fun and strikes, but also a perfect opportunity to build new professional relationships, whereby both parties meet their goals and achieve performance in what they do!


We thank all for their participation; we are happy for having worked worked together in a fun context and  hope to have soon such moments, but also perfect opportunities to do business together!


Below, some photos from the event: