Saturday night,  Star Team crew went to visit  Hard Rock Cafe, where we had a memorable exchange of experience. We were greeted by Andras who offered us a guided tour of the location and he  talked about Hard Rock Cafe’s culture and  presented us some memorabilia items of famous artists and bands such as the Beatles or Michael Jackson.


On our visit, we were glad to note a common element between the two cultures – rewarding members with  medals, as a sign of recognition and appreciation of their results.  A highlight of the evening was the  medals exchange between Andras and our colleague Florinel: Andras received the medal Strike from the Heart (which  in Star Team  is offered for Super Involvement) and Florinel  received  the Special Hard Rock Icon.


Soon, Star Team will wait for  Hard Rock Cafe to visit our headquarters, in order to present them, to our turn, the organizational culture that define us. Thank you, Hard Rock Café, for such a special evening!


Below, you can find some of the pictures taken on Saturday: