Last weekend, Class IT Outsourcing’s management team took part to People Management, Leadership and Management Responsability course, supported by Titus E. Peride.


The objective of this course was to help us become better leaders and managers for Star Team members, by presenting techniques and management principles.


One of the first things we learned is that a good manager can only inspire people; he can not motivate them, as everyone has an inner motivation and he should have the desire to do things! If you are a model, people will always follow  you and a good manager can inspire others through behavior, attitude and actions.

During the two days of training, we were provided with essential information related to key systems management, situational leadership, how to create a successful team, recruitment and selection process.


Among other things, we learned that every person has different motivations to do a certain thing and you can not attract the interest of all members of a team in the same way. A good manager knows the motivations of each member of the team and will undertake a development plan for each person. In this way, the manager will be able to move exactly those levers that a member of his team resonate with and will support his constant motivation and willingness to act.


We thank Titus Peride for a weekend full of valuable and useful information, that we will apply from now on in our teams.


You can find below some of the pictures taken during the course: