When the present takes into account the past, results a beautiful story, full of consideration and excitement.

Star Team Ex-Generation recognizes the efforts of all those involved in the development of Class IT Outsourcing, even if they are no longer active colleagues and are now working in other companies. Class IT is today a company with a unique organizational culture, to whose shape have contributed both actual colleagues as former ones.

Starting Friday, November 8, 2013, our former colleagues have become Stellars in reserve.The first event that marks the beginning of Star Team Ex-Generation was held at Grand Hotel Continental and was sprinkled with much excitement, surprises and nice memories. The event was opened by the speech of Bogdan Tudor, who recalled Class IT story, full of emotion and relived tothe utmost extent by all those who were part of it from the beginning. A first surprise for Star Team Ex-Generation was swearing those present as stellars in reserve by granting them with the recognition badge. Emotions were high at this time, the more that no one knew what to expect, and disclosure was received with enthusiasm.

A video production with all members of Star Team Ex-Generation followed, who were reviewed in formal situations, at work, and in teambuilding or parties with the team. The song that ran, “Friends Will Be Friends” best expresses our intention, to remain friends with those who have been close to us. The improvisational theater spectacle, supported by the Improvisneyland band, has relaxed the atmosphere and attracted the audience in creating atypical stories that were related to Star Team words as “stellar”, “galaxy”, “Data” and so on.

The evening finished with other stories, memories and beautiful thoughts of those who met with this occasion, some of them after many years, but with our determination that Star Team Ex-Generation will actively take part in our culture from now on, through regular meetings and keeping close the stellars in reserve.

Star Team Ex-Generation from Class IT Outsourcing on Vimeo.

Creating Star Team organizational culture instilled a positive and overflowing energy among colleagues and admiration among partners, collaborators and Class IT friends. Until next assembly with Star Team Ex-Generation, we thank all those who attended the event and look forward to hear news from them!