poza Alex Corneanu

“Aren’t the facts more important than words?” Xenofon


EC is the general director of the DG Company, one of Class IT clients. Two weeks ago there has been a situation that once again confirmed the decision to work with the professionals from Class IT: the laptop left in the bag inside his private car was stolen, after the vehicle was robbed.


In addition to the value of the equipment on the laptop there were confidential data, and more important information of the company that, once lost, it would have led to the loss of some valuable time for rebuilding.


This situation, that can happen to any of us, came to our star chief lieutenant ears,  Alex Corneanu, responsible for managing the company’s IT situation. He actually started a fight against time to recover the equipment and identify the thief.


The advantages that saved the day were given by the fact that on the laptop was running the Protectee module ofOptimum Center application. Therefore, Alex has nothing left to do then waiting for the thief to take the first step: to start the equipment.


Surprise! The same day, at 8.00 PM, the laptop was connected to the Internet, allowing Alex to quickly identify the location by IP address and to start collecting data: photos of the offender and screen shots of its activity.




After the accurate identifying location a hotel in Constanta – and the collaboration with Romanian police, in about two hours, at 22.00, the thief was caught right in the hotel lobby, indicated by our colleague, with the laptop in his arms. He was identified and led to the police station for investigation, and the laptop was recovered, along with the intact information with the latest changes on the most recent back-up.


General Manager EC recognized the potential application Optimum Center and installed it on the laptop, preventing in a simple manner loss of data, time and money, and Alex Corneanu used the tools in a stellar manner.


We put great emphasis on facts here, at Class IT, and this is just one of the things our customers appreciate to us.