This year teambuilding has ended and we left with many new ideas, plans and strategies to excel in IT services offered to our current and future customers!


The most important message we have from teambuilding is that 2015 is the year dedicated to customer care excellency!


Friday, the first day of training – surprises, fun and team dedicated moments

On Friday, the first day of teambuilding, we surprised our colleagues with T-shirts with funny messages, specially created for this event. After that surprise, each department manager presented the balance sheet results for 2014 and checked the objectives for this year.

We attended  the grade dedicated ceremony, for both new colleagues – cadets, and those who have advanced in rank due to their development. We also awarded medals for performance and team results. After this moment, we realized some sketches, where each team brought original and creative ideas.


Saturday – key concepts, customer care excellence and team presentations

The second day of the Teambuilding  marked the most important moment – the  2015 plans presentation and the principles that will guide us in this ongoing process.

2015 is dedicated to customer excellency. In order to create excellence in service, we need the involvement of each team member. Excellence in service and company culture are two interrelated areas that need to be constantly improved to meet competitiveness, customer expectations and increase internal performance, profitability and customer loyalty.


Sunday – team games, relaxing and walks

The last day of the teambuilding ended with a series of games made by our trainer, that energized us and gave us a few moments of fun and entertainment. We played with circles, then we cooperated in team and we managed to finish the exercise of rope challenge. Because we were in a mountains resort, many of us did not miss the opportunity to go on the slopes to ski or sleigh.


Therefore, the most important message received in the Teambuilding is that this year we will focus our efforts in team and we will help each other to bring excellence in our customer relationships.