Everyone loves challenges and every challenge received enables us instant competitiveness, motivation and, above all, the desire to succeed! When we add a fun concept of gamification, we get a real mission that calls us all the attention and involvement!


The last challenge that we have created in our team addresses colleagues from Sales, who were launched in an adventure for 8 days to obtain meetings with potential new customers, who we wish to subsequently turn them into admirals.


The three teams have committed to successfully accomplish the mission received – to obtain at least 16 meetings; the members of each team created a true pact for mutual support and effective communication. As each competition has its issues and challenges, there will be benefits – the first team to reach level 1 (5 meetings set), will get as bonus small rewards that will accelerate the path to the assignment. The achievement of the second level (10 meetings set) is a clear sign that the team that came first is determined and  there is a good chance to win the mission. However, other teams can always change the rankings!


Each team is represented by a miniature ship, of different color (blue ship,  red ship and yellow ship), and their progress is indicated by the stars obtained each day, which means the number of appointments made.

By the end of this challenge, we asked our colleagues what  is their perception of the mission and how it helps them to have better results:

 „What could be more interesting and motivating than working through playing? The mission motivates us to work as a team and  find solutions to increase team performance.” Ana


„The mission is a challenge for the team – to achieve better results and the intermediate bonuses made the game more exciting” Cristina


Our colleagues are following with interest to maximize their chances of winning everyday! Meanwhile, we prepare special prizes for the winners, that we do not uncover yet!