The “smart” basketball, which monitors your game, helps you train and improves your performance has arrived in Star Team and our colleagues have already tested it!


Yesterday evening we took advantage of the good weather and went to a basketball game in the team, where we had the opportunity to use a special basketball. The 94Fifty ball  is connected through an application to the mobile phone and records the shots, makes or misses. Following the trainings, the application shows you the progress made since the last time you used it and is a good indicator for achieving performance.

Unfortunately, the ball does not jumps to the basket and do not change the trajectory, it takes the players’s talent for a game of basketball 🙂


Our colleagues had fun last night with this ball, tested it and spent a pleasant evening together. And for those who failed to arrive, the time is not lost, because we meet every Wednesday evening for a fun game of basketball and successful throws l with a clever ball.


Here are some pictures from the first meeting of basketball: