The conclusions we have drawn from the 2 Teambuilding activities outlined in this article:

– The involvement of each team member in projects gives him appreciation and importance

– The distribution of tasks from the beginning, according to the skills and competencies of each member, generates the best results

– New skills can be discovered when assigning tasks that get us out of comfort zone

– Excellent results are the sum of ideas and efforts of all team members


Another activity carried out within  the Teambuilding, Egg Drop was a funny moment and generated a greater involvement of the team members who wanted their product to be the best. Each team received a task to accomplish, with limited resources, a mechanical system for catching an egg dropped from 2 meters without it burst. Its achievement required a higher concentration of the team members and was a real challenge, since there was only one attempt to succeed.


Besides the actual production of the system, there were other components such as the product name, its description and presentation to others. Lack of trust and underestimation were again a predominant trend among teams, a non productive practice for success. Instead, the ideal practice adopted by some teams was the division of responsibilities for each member and its involvement in specific activities : production, description and presentation. Following the presentations, it was noticed the effectiveness of this pattern: within a team, it is important that tasks are distributed from the beginning, so the focus of a member to be oriented in the right direction, without distractions. Of course, the skills and abilities that each person has is an important factor in the choice and distribution of tasks within the team. Finally, the production of fastening systems coagulated the best ideas and the success of this project (no egg was broken after throwing it from 2 meters ) was due to a better organization and distribution of tasks according to each member competencies.


The last activity of this Teambuilding was an even bigger challenge , which involved the use of directing and acting talent which challenged members of each team to deliver results beyond their limits and outside of their comfort zone. More specifically, the task of each team was to make a video where they had to present the company’s services and products they represent .


Teams were mobilized very quickly, have generated a lot of ideas and finally agreed on a script. The next step was shooting the scenes, a moment that has created the perfect context to discover talents we did not know of our colleagues; at the same time, the excitement grew as the team was closer to the final result. Some of them were very good in the role of director or screenwriter and others have played very well the roles they have been distributed. Without exception, all 5 videos were based on creative and funny ideas, which generated the most original presentations for the services of a company.


Following this activity, we learned that we can have excellent results in a new activity, but others do not know this because a favorable context never show up. In addition, when designing tasks, the team trusted a chosen person for a role and instilled her the motivation to succeed and to overcome limitations. Also, through this activity, we learn to respect each other, to listen to all presented ideas and to make equal efforts to achieve the ultimate goal.


Undoubtedly, the Star Team teambuilding was characterized by fun and activities from which we have learned to cooperate and communicate in a team in order to have results. Cooperation within teams and the competitiveness of the teams have played an important role in all the activities and have instilled the required dose of motivation and involvement of each partner. The main goal of all activities was to learn through games and play, that it is important for team members to effectively work together, to bring their contribution and help each other to have positive results. Moreover, in this Teambuilding we learned that we can overcome our own limitations and we can discover others and learn more about them in a favorable context, which we do not meet at the office.


Our Teambuilding program was developed by Titus Peride and Elias Consulting Group.