The conclusions we derived from the exercises described below and that we can apply in a teamwork:

– Each team member must know its role and be aware that it is extremely important in achieving results in team

– Underestimating the ability of the team to succeed is not an effective starting point before you get the final result. Instead, the team focus can be directed towards  awardind confidence and encouraging its members

– No member of a team can deliver a good result without the support and encouragement received from the team

– Not only the result is important, but the manner we achieve this result, which can make the difference between failure and success.


Another activity conducted outdoors, Blind Man’s Cure, was an extremely challenging exercise, involving both physical strength and ability to communicate and coordinate the team. The exercise involved the movement of a person on a rope located one meter from the ground, in order to recover an object at 10 meters; in order to help the person who walk on the rope, the team had to guide him and hold on of one end of the string. In this exercise, trust in team members was a decisive factor in achieving the task, as underestimation is a tendency to evaluate the result of a new project. However, contrary to expectations, a strong trust in the other members and a continuous encouragement represent the criteria that make the difference between failure and success.

The message conveyed through this exercise was that a team member can not deliver a good result without the support and encouragement received from the team. It is also important that each member is aware that his role in the team is very important for achieving the targets.


The next exercise, Hot Stuff, was a new context in which communication and sharing of responsibilities in the team played a vital role in fulfilling a task. Each team had to pour the content of a container to another without spilling it. The challenge was that the vessel containing the liquid had to be handled only by means of strings. In this exercise, it is important to have a team coordinator to mobilize and convey the exact role of each member. A first conclusion that we derive from this exercise is that not only the result counts, but the manner we achieve this result. In the specific case, in this exercise, mobilization and empowerment of each member are the strengths that determines success, which also applies to office work.


Our Teambuilding program was developed by Titus Peride and Elias Consulting Group.