It’s a new week, our field  administrators are on positions and attentive to our customer needs, always ready to intervene if necessary.


In the last week, our colleague Valentin Tanase, held a series of visible activities to one of his customers, C.T. Being called upon to fix a problem with the printer, our colleague was proactive and immediately thought that the other person, who used the same printer, might have that problem. Thus, Valentin was able to resolve the situation, he set the port for the 2 persons using the same printer and was appreciated due to its proactivity.


To another user, Valentin immediately intervened to free up space on the C drive after he noticed an alarm in  the portal on this aspect. Another activity visible and proactive this week was arranging cables and switches to a server. In this case, the pictures speak more than words:


Congratulations, Valentin, for a productive week with visible activities, valued  by our customers!