Star Team organizational culture has been created  for Class IT Outsourcing  customers and it is also reflected, in a positive way, on the  all those we interact with.


To integrate them into Star Team culture, all our customers have been invested as Admiral of the Fleet. On this occasion, customers have received the letter and the Admiral badge, as a symbol of our journey together in the last years.


We are very glad that our actions have an echo outside, due to crew members that promote our values ​​and culture. In this sense, we present below a customer’s impression who visited our headquarters last week:



I have lived the experience of a visit to your headquarters. For me, it was a unique experience.

Extremely rare, but really rare I left without words. And then, a smile is perfect. And that’s all I had to do. I smiled.

I do not know who, how and in what way develops the company’s vision, but is really an incredible experience.

It is a good example that I want to write about in my future book.

You were creative, very, very well trained and you mastered the art of speech and communication.

I proudly wear the Admiral badge that I received. I consider myself your friends and I want to contribute to your success.

I will gladly return whenever you need to your headquarters, in order to know your other colleagues.

Thank you very much,

Cristina, Alexander, Daniela and the rest of the crew …

I congratulate you! ”


Thank you, Admiral, for these kind words!