“Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done” Amelia Earhart

…a quote that truly reflects the situation which fortunately involved our star colleague – Adrian Micu. So here are the facts:

Adrian MicuAn industrial machine that belongs to the EF Group Company, working in windows industry, has faced a major failure and crashed. Timing was quite inappropriate, given that the company was about to deliver to a client some window rods, which should have been cut with that machine.

The problem lies somewhere in the flash card of the machine, which replaced the hard drive functions; that card seem to be corrupted, which resulted in the equipment’s malfunction.

The responsible person was away in another city, and after the whereabouts of the problem, he said that no one can do anything anyway. After several attempts to restart and after declaring emergency situation caused by the lack of a machine to cut the rods, the director, Mr. G.E., had already taken the decision to direct the work to another company.

In the “scene” enters our colleague, Adrian Micu, having a stellar initiative that was immediately put into practice: he took a converter from Class IT base and he managed to connect it via USB to a laptop. Now it only remained to run a check disk repair, which resulted in immediate remediation of the Flash card that repaired the machine.

The truck with the rods, already on its way to another company that would have to cut them to the appropriate size, was called back to the EF Group Company, and they were being designed in-house.

Thus, due to the impressive skills of star chief lieutenant Micu, the director managed to save a significant amount of money (for cutting rods to another company) and manage to avoid the risk of an unfavorable situation with the customer, that might have been caused by the rods delivery delays.

We congratulate the CEO for the inspiration of giving free hand to our colleague, and we want to congratulate our star – Adrian Micu, that always reaches where no one has gone before!