The feedback that matters most, of the end user is maximum  in 98% of Class IT specialists interventions.


Since we have confidence in the services we offer and our professionals, we are the only IT company that offers its customers the opportunity to provide feedback on service delivery through a performance evaluation system. Every day, our colleagues receive dozens of tickets from customers containing various situations encountered and seeking a solution as quickly as possible.


Each ticket is resolved as soon as possible and all those who have the necessary skills help to its resolution, depending on the complexity of the situation. Each closed ticket is followed by sending an evaluation form to the client. The feedback system that we have implemented in the management of customer demands is gradually from very poor to excellent and meant to assess the resolution of the situation and the person who was responsible for this, depending on skills, efficiency, communication, etc. Thus, each customer we interact with has the opportunity to give us real feedback on service delivery, feedback which helps us to continually improve our services.


8,459 of tickets resolved in April


Every month, our colleagues resolve thousands of tickets for our customers. Total incidents and interventions in April is 8,459. Of these, 7,110 were opened by customers or on their behalf. 98% (1.125) of the tickets that have received feedback received the highest grade, 10, from customers.


These figures are true indicators of performance that “speak” very well about the best results obtained by our team and maintain a high standard of service delivery.