Traditional management is dying. The authoritarian boss who knows everything and to whom all ‘subordinates’ report their undertaken and planned activities is endangered. His place is taken by teams that are self drived and self organized, where there is no chief, but roles of growing facilitators, process facilitators and team members. Welcome in the OpenAgile management system age!


OpenAgile is a learning system focused on generating value and on the formation of a learning community for team members.


Our colleagues from Sales and IT managers attended a training held by Titus Peride, who introduced them in OpenAgile management system.


Unlike other management systems, in OpenAgile we do not discuss about goals, but rather about value creators to be prioritized and implemented in order to provide value to the end customer, company and each team member. The three principles that this methodology is based on reflects new and innovative approach to the system:

Honesty – This principle, along with integrity, transparency and self knowledge provides a certain pattern of behavior for all team members and is the route to success;


Learning cycle – Is set out by specific action-reflection- learning and planning activities within the team and helps to create value. To successfully go through this cycle of learning, it is necessary that each member has the ability of detachment-understanding-vision-will;

Decisions Advisory – Very important for the successful implementation of this system, all decisions are taken by consulting the team, but without unnecessary debates and heated discussions;


In OpenAgile each team is empowered to lead and organize themselves and all members are involved and are responsible for their efforts and their results. To reach this stage, it is necessary that decisions on desired results to be taken at the team level and not at the individual level. The team continuously communicates and each member voluntarily contributes to completing tasks. Moreover, members learn from each other by discussing possible obstacles.


OpenAgile offers numerous benefits for the team members, including increased productivity and efficiency, learning, teamwork performance, more control and rapid response to change.