2014 is dedicated to the principles of Dale Carnegie, principles that we want to promote and apply at both professional and personal level. Dale Carnegie’s hall launching was the first step in this direction, but stellar activities that we will run will fulfill the value of this space.


Because we want Dale Carnegie’s principles to be applied by all our colleagues, we created a new project, where principles come to life. Held every Tuesday, “Dale Carnegie’ s evening” illustrates each principle through a sketch. The antithesis will be the method by which we emphasize the behaviors that can help us to improve our collaboration and communication with others.


By exposing these situations in antithesis, every participant to Dale Carnegie’s evening can be easily translated into the characters and identify similar situations in their own work. Because a simple presentation of cases is not enough for understanding the message, each sketch is followed by follow-up, in which we debate together and bring personal examples to illustrate the concept.


After each sketch, we will post the video and the debate for each  principle.