Steps  to take in order  to achieve the full potential in the company:


• Define a clear and measurable objective for what you want to achieve

• Determine what is the “maximum possible” for each project

• Give yourself time for careful planning before making the first steps

• Exploit all aspects that you have, both hard skills (resources, equipment, etc.) and soft skills (information, team etc.) and maximize your chances of success.


We learned all these lessons  from our 25 days journey through the desert, which some of the crew Star Team conducted in the workshop  Gold of the Desert Kings, supported by Patrus Stuparu and  organized by TrendConsult and Careers.


The constructive competition between the teams, the trainer’s foray into the desert, the elements of fun and learning through play component were the perfect mix for a successful project. Again, the concept of “gamification”, the same concept that we have implemented with the release of Star Team culture, has proven  its efficiency in learning and assimilation of concepts seemingly rigid.


The game’s stake – each team to bring “most possible gold bags from the mountains”, is a very good substitute for each person’s “gold”  or otherwise, for the maximum possible that every person is capable. By setting a specific goal, a planning stage and by exploiting all the resources, each person is able to determine which his maximum possible is and thus extract as much gold from the mountains.