Tablouri Sala Dale Carnegie-12

Dale Carnegie’s first principle, the only one that begins with “No” was brought to life with the help of our colleagues, Bogdan, Simona and Daniela in a sketch. “Do not criticize, condemn or complain” is a difficult principle to apply, but once internalized, it brings many benefits.


Why is it so important to stop to criticize, condemn or complain? Every day, we encounter situations or people that we complain of or condemn them. Despite our criticisms, however,  we can not change any of the things thatwe influence in a indirect way. Instead, we can change our attitude towards all things that affect us and so we can enjoy many benefits.


All the moments when we complain, criticize or condemn are wasted moments that could be exploited in a different way. Since all actions we undertake are up to our choice, we can focus our attention on what we can directly influence and change. At work, a positive attitude according to the principle “Do not criticize, condemn or complain” will immediately bring a visible improvement of our cooperation and communication with other colleague.


Next time you are tempted to criticize or condemn things around you, think about whether you can change those issues. If the answer is “no”, remember the “Do not criticize, codamna or complain” principle and start to produce true changes where you have a direct influence.



Principiul 1 Dale Carnegie – Nu critica,nu condamna, nu te plange from Class IT Outsourcing on Vimeo.